Thursday, 5 July 2007

The Bad and the Good

After yesterday, with a dead tawney owl being discovered at Bedfords Park I needed some happy wildlife news. Thankfully I got some better shots of the great tit parent(s) in the morning which cheered me up. Then as icing on the cake I spotted a fox cub at the end of a garden. I kept going back and forth to the end of the garden and then back up again to let the fox come back, but it kept moving and hiding in a dark well vegetated area, so I thought I would not get a photo. It didnt seem scared or worried by me only a few metres away. But then on my 5th or so visit, it stood in a more open area (Thou still dark, I could only get a 1/8sec shutter speed) and I took a few photos, with this being the best one:

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