Monday, 9 July 2007

Darland Banks

The grassland here was alive with butterflies, moths and grasshoppers and were full of flowers. I came here to photograph a marbled white (top) and wasn't disappointed. There were plenty flying
around, and I managed to photograph this torpid specimen, who obligingly sat there with its wings open will I took a load of photos. Also there was a species of day flying moth (2nd from top) fluttering around. I turned over a stone, looking for a slowworms and found a a different type of 'worm' (neither are worms really - a slowworm is a legless lizard) a glowworm (which is a type of beetle) larva (2nd from bottom). And to finish of the trip I found a Stag beetle female on the pavement on the way home (bottom)

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Amalie said...

You write very well.